The Power of Positive Thinking

Everyone has found a new mantra to cope with the stresses and tensions of modern life..

What is Positive Thinking?

Positive thinking is a mental attitude in which you expect good and favorable results. In other words, positive thinking is the process of creating thoughts that create and transform energy into reality. A positive mind waits for happiness, health and a happy ending in any situation. More people become attracted to this notion, a good evidence is the increasingly courses and books about it. Positive thinking is gaining popularity among us.

More and more successful people will tell you that they got where they are now because they made a lifestyle around positive thinking. A person that faces life with a positive attitude will always be more successful in life both professionally and personally, than a person that can not take control of his thoughts.

It is increasingly common to hear people say: “Think positive!” to a person wich is sad and worried. Unfortunately, many people do not take seriously this urge. How many people do you know who sit and reflect on positive thinking and meaning of it?

Positive Thinking – Negative Thinking – Right  Thinking

The starting point of making permanent and lasting changes in your life begins with understanding the difference between “positive” thinking, “negative” thinking and “right” thinking. Think of the person who sits down to play the  piano. As he plays, there is no harmony, no balance and no real tune because he keeps hitting all the wrong notes.  The player eventually gets fed up with the disharmony, lack of pleasure and lack of enjoyment in his music and decides to go a teacher. The teacher says, “ou have the ability to play, but you need to understand music.” Each one of us has the ability to play the game of life with balance, harmony and joy, but we need to know the rules and the principles.

Life works according to principle and physical law. If it didn’t, you couldn’t fly an airplane, because there would be no gravity, there would be no such thing as electricity, and one-plus-one would not equal two. The laws of the universe are totally dependable. Universal law is not only dependable, but also unchangeable. You can depend on it, and it will work every time. In essence, the universe will never let you down. It doesn’t care how old you are, how young you are, how short, how fat, how skinny, your religion, your nationality or whether you are a male or a female. The Power, the Force, or the Energy is neutral, and we direct it through our own ideas and beliefs.

Benefits of positive thinking

These are just some of the benefits of positive thinking:

Reduces daily stress

You get a better health

A strong confidence

Live a longer life

Live a happier life

You will have more friends

Better management of important decisions

.. and the list goes on.


How you apply positive thinking

Changing everything you’ve learned in a life is not easy, imposing a positive thinking starting today thinking that that this will attract positive things in your life is not that simple. To change these negative patterns I recommend these exercises and practices. For me and the people I have chosen in my life works!

1. Use positive words when talking. If you constantly say “I can not” you could convince yourself that it’s true. Replace negative words with positive ones. Tell yourself that you do everything possible to have a happy relationship, tell yourself that you do everything possible to have a brilliant career, tell yourself that you do everything possible to keep you in shape.

2. Remove all the feelings that are not positive! Do not let negative thoughts and feelings conquer when you have a bad mood. Even if for a few hours a day, remove negativity and focus on the positive things in your life.

3. Use words that evoke strength and success. Fill your thoughts with words that make you feel strong, happy, having control over your life. Make an effort to focus on these words rather than the ones that suggest failure or incompetence.

4. Practice positive affirmations. One of the most common exercises for a positive thinking is positive affirmation. What does that mean? Start repeating a positive phrase like “I deserve to be happy” or “I deserve to be loved.” Believing that these statements are true and repeating them always will impose a more positive opinion about your life.

5. Redirect your thoughts! This method used by psychotherapists helps you control your thoughts when you start to feel negative emotions like depression or anxiety. How can you do that? When you feel a such emotion taking hold on you start generating a happy mind, a positive image, something that makes you feel better to keep your negative feelings under control.

6. Start thinking you will succeed! Nothing compares with self confidence that creates a successful reality. Put your doubts aside and believe that you will succeed in meeting the objectives.

7. Analyze what went wrong. Positive thinking is not about denying that nothing can go wrong. Instead take the time to see what went wrong and what led to the current situation in order to avoid future mistakes and look forward more positive.

8. Forgive you! ‘re Always arguing for things that went wrong will not change anything. Tell yourself you are forgived and allow you to move on.

9. Think of a failure as an opportunity. Sometimes the most negative things in our lives give us opportunities that we may not have seen otherwise. For example losing your job can be a good opportunity to open your own business or go back to school!

10. Working at your imagination / visualization. Visualizing what you want to achieve or the person you want to be can be a great motivation to take you there and make you think more positively about the distance that you have untill the destination.

Everyone has found a new mantra to cope with the stresses and tensions of modern life…Positive Thinking. Can everything negative become positive just by thinking in a positive way? Should one ignore the negative by thinking positive? Is ‘thinking’ enough to blow away the problems? A recent TV talk show was aired on Positive Thinking. And as expected, it started with the participants totally endorsing this concept to the hilt. The show took an about turn when Osho’s insight – totally opposite to the popular view, as usual!
I teach you transcendence neither positive nor negative. Be a watcher: witness both. When there is day , witness the day, and when there is night, witness the night — and don’t get identified with either  – Osho
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